LA 33

LA 33

La-33 is a salsa band inspired by New York’s format of the 70’s, today one of the most renowned Colombian groups, extroverted and cheerful with more than 1,500 presentations in different cities and countries throughout Europe, Central America, North America, far East, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. With original lyrics, arrangements and young and fresh sound that has become a symbol of the current Bogotá salsa.

La-33 begins as a friend´s dream, who wanted to make music: during 2001, these friends gathered to try out in the Mejía´s house, a big and antique building placed in Teusaquillo Bogota neighborhood in the 33st street. Curious, who answered the call came over from other genres besides salsa, their influence becomes from other rhythms as rock, ska, jazz and reggae. These musical mix has been since these early years the band self-scene, inspired by the 70´s New York sound, with rude and dirty sounds direct from the streets that create a Caribbean soul melody, keeping the classic drums formation of the genre.

They achieved to be summoned in traditional bars in Bogotá, as “Quiebracanto” y little music festivals where La-33 played salsa classics y some own compositions, as “la Pantera Mambo”: a renewed version of the mitic Henry Mancini´s theme. This song will change in an ultimate way the band forms an spirit.

In 2004, La-33 recorded “La-33”: her prime opera, in which the band enters in the Colombia music scenario to never gets out ever with songs as “Soledad”, “La Pantera Mambo”, and “Que Rico Boogaloo!”. Quick the band understood that the music entertainment business would not define their music: so the band looks for be a musical movement that reflects each one member of the band personal transitions, their inner struggles, love, and lack of it, and the deep will to live and dance.

The question of a craft music as a way to live for has now a half answer. The music is a vital manifestation and necessary for all the members or the band, but, is really possible in Colombia to pay bills wit the music?. With patience these question was answered; in 2005 La-33 begins a new era of tours in Ecuador and this time continues now with all kind of concerts and stages in all five continents.

DOCUMENTARY About to celebrate its 10th anniversary, La-33 launches to the public its latest audiovisual production. This is the biographical documentary entitled A BRIEF STORY OF A DELICIOUS IDEA, which shows how the most emblematic salsa band from Bogotá was born.

What began as a gathering of friends is now the result of this tasty orchestra that has hooked us up to their flavored and joyful sound over these years. It gives us a look at the creative process, how they got together, the history and musical influences among others from the point of view of each of the members from La-33 and people close to the band as radio programmers, critics, and fans.

This is one of several surprises that La-33 has prepared to their audience for the celebration of its 10th anniversary.