10 ear-splitting acts from history’s loudest bands that will blast sound waves into your brain

Loudest Bands
10 ear-splitting acts from history’s loudest bands that will blast sound waves into your brain

For many years musicians have turned up their amps up to 11 in the attempt to impress audiences with their sound walls. From the old-school heavy metalers to the cutting-edge electronic musicians, bands from all genres have damaged the eardrums of their fans, damaged structures as well as caused earthquakes with the sound booms they’ve created. This article has described the top 10 loudest bands of all time, outlined the impact their loudness and roar are having on fans and arenas, and outlined the ways in which each one gained their fame as the ear-ringing sound soldiers!


Lemmy Kilmister as well as his band set out with the intention of being the most loud fastest, dirtiest, fastest and toughest group anywhere in the world. And most will agree that they did succeed. Live concerts could be the mighty 130 decibels and many venues across the globe were impacted by the results.

Motörhead rehearsing for their appearance on ITV’s Saturday morning kids show “Saturday Starship” in October of 1984.

In The Cleveland Variety Theatre in 1984 they caused the ceiling’s plaster to crack and fall down onto the audience below. at the same time in UK they damaged the ceiling of Newcastle City Hall, shattered the windows at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, and set the speakers on fire in Port Vale FC. It’s not a surprise that they named an album of live performances ‘Everything Louder than everyone Else’.


The electronic duo proved that they were able to compete with any heavy metal group for pure destructive noise when they performed at the Brixton Academy in June of 1996. The concert was rated at 137 decibels, and the extremely loud beats ripped chunks of the structure. The audience was covered with chunks from plaster as well as dust blasts from the ceilings and walls The band were not allowed to perform at the venue for four years, and only after that, on requirement that they reduce their volume back.

My Bloody Valentine

The alternative rock group redefined the sound of guitars in their 1991 album Loveless and engulfing the music in layers of distortion and feedback. If they were performed live the impact of all the levels of sound was frightening extremely loud. When they were touring to promote their album, the group determined to test their audience’s capacity to endure the high volume for long durations of time. This led to one reporter saying that the show was’more than entertainment, more like torture’.

The fans who went to gigs were usually provided with earplugs prior entry even though the band was going through a period of 20 years, either in hiatus, disbanded completely, or failing to make a follow-up album to Loveless the beginning of their career left their impression in the form of chronic hearing loss. I consider it a friendship,’ guitarist/singer Kevin Shields has said.

The Who

On the 31st of May 1977, 75,000 spectators were seated at Charlton Athletic’s football stadium in London to witness a concert featuring The Who. The performance was recorded to be 130 decibels… one hundred feet from the speaker.

But having one of the loudest ever recorded bands came at an expense for the band members as Roger Daltrey telling reporters in the year 2018 that ‘I would advise to all rock and roll fans – wear earplugs to gigs. We should have known when we were children… we’re reading lips.’

Blue Cheer

American rockers psychedelic Blue Cheer are considered a pioneer of extreme loudness being the first group to be to be listed on The Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest group around the globe.

In the 1960s, the volume of their performances were above what the public was accustomed to, with those attending their shows often needing to quit the first few rows because they were unable to handle the volume. Blue Cheer were so loud that they decided to record outdoors. the majority of their second album recorded at the San Francisco pier.


They often compose songs that are influenced by stories of swords, sorcery mythology and fantasy and are well-known as a band with an epic and pounding sound. It’s not surprising then that Manowar are in search of high levels of volume unlike any other rock band could be able to match with.

They performed in the year 1984. was selected as a result of the Guinness Book of World Records for having the loudest show ever. They have in the past broken their record on two more occasions. Their most recent personal record for decibels was reached through a sound test in The Magic Circle Fest in 2008 and they clocked the thumping 140 decibels.

Deep Purple

Another band that is deemed to be the most loud in the world according to The Guinness Book of World Records, Deep Purple are among the first to inflict supreme sound damage on their ever-patient fans. Generations of people grew up with Deep Purple hitting their ears and establishing their place in folklore rock and some fans were hit with much more forceful blows than they anticipated, when three spectators at an event in 1972 in the London Rainbow Theatre were knocked unconscious by the sound assault they endured.


Gene Simmons’ latex-clad showmen enjoyed a heyday during the 1970s and the 1980s, so it’s not the least surprising that their biggest moment occurred at the end of November 2009. In the course of a concert at Ottawa, Canada the band recorded a staggering 130 decibels. The concert was said to be so loud that complaints of the city’s residents caused the band to lower down the volume during the show.

Foo Fighters

In a concert held in Auckland, New Zealand on 13 December 2011. Dave Grohl and his crew literally caused the earth to shake. In their 3 hour show, the band caused earth movement that resembled the tremors of volcanic eruptions that could be felt for up to 1 mile away. Evidently, that was not enough, because next year they performed an event in Belfast with 32,000 spectators. It could be heard from up to 12 miles away. This resulted in 140 noise complaints being filed.

Led Zeppelin

They’ve long been considered to be one of the most effective loudest and most influential bands to ever. They are regarded as the pioneers for heavy-metal, Led Zeppelin’s powerful crunch was more powerful than nearly all the bands that came before it. Anecdotally, many music journalists believe the group’s performances during the 1970s were the noisiest of that decade, but their legacy of loudness gained official recognition when The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) measured a performance of Heartbreaker at an astonishing 130 decibels.

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