One of the most shocking Guns N´ Roses performances happened in Bogotá, Colombia, 1992.

Guns N´Roses Colombia 1992

On the 29th of November 1992, one of the most memorable concerts of an entire generation in Colombia took place. In the most important moment of their career, Guns N’ Roses landed in the turbulent Bogota of those days.

Vice is an investigative platform for digital media, published an in-depth conversation with Julio Correal, one of the businessmen who brought the Guns N´ Roses and who later, because of this concert, was ruined.

“The Bogota of 1992 was violent; it was an adventure with Pablo Escobar, marijuana and cocaine,” begins to say an authentic Correal, as if he had traveled back in time to express everything he experienced in those days of city chaos.

Check out this video to see how Hugo Chavez’s failed military coup nearly ruined the arrival of Los Angeles natives, who were trapped at Caracas airport.

The riots were triggered by fans of Axl Rose and Co. on their arrival at El Dorado airport, as well as on their way to the hotel, where one of the security chiefs had to fire shots in the air to disperse the mob.

Also, how logistical and financial problems put in checkmate the presentation of Guns N’ Roses, which was initially scheduled for two dates.

Also, curious anecdotes happened , such as the cardiac attack suffered by the police commander at the time when he saw the riots in the Galerias (mall) area. due to the police chief’s high stress level.

Similarly, Julio Correal detailed what it was like to see Guns N’ Roses in the middle of a downpour playing “November Rain.” “Axel says to Slash over the microphone: Hey Opie, we’re ready to electrocute ourselves (…) the stage was a swimming pool,” he said.

Finally, the band’s escape in the midst of the erratic and heavy rain that fell at El Campin was a cause for an altercation with Correal and the manager of the band.

One of Julio’s partners called the airport’s control tower and told them that “Guns N Roses is loaded with substances,” Correal said, noting that the group was afflicted by an awful experience when they attempted to get out of the country.

Find out how this story ended in a viral video by Vice, which already has more than one million views and thousands of shares on Facebook. (English Subtitles)


The destruction caused by the Guns N’ Roses concert were the chronicles and reports of the other day in the Colombian press.

The events left Julio Correal broke, who had to be with the psychiatrist and slept with his wife on the floor.

However, this Colombian businessman recovered as manager of Aterciopelados and after bringing renowned international artists to Colombia.

He’s also famous in Bogota for establishing Rock al Parque with Mario Duarte, one of the most traditional cultural events in the capital of Colombia.

This was the result of the “November Rain” that was recorded in the retinas of thousands of people.

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